Bulgaria is a country with thousands of years of history and a cultural heritage that embraces ancient civilizations.
The best way to get to know Bulgaria is to visit the country’s capitals, which are part of its national heritage. Pliska, Preslav, Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia are the face of the Bulgarian state since its creation up until today.

  • The magic of Bulgarian museum villages and towns:
  • Arbanasi is one of the most picturesque old villages in Bulgaria.
  • The unique cultural and historical heritage of Plovdiv includes three main periods – the Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Revival. In the 12th century BC, the prehistoric settlement developed into the ancient racian city of Eumolpias, which is one of the first city centers in South-Eastern Europe. The remains of Eumolpias can be seen to this day.
  • Nesebar is one of the biggest historical depositories and for that reason is declared a museum town, as well as an architectural and archeological reserve of national significance.
  • Bozhentsi is a small village, a monument of Bulgarian architecture from the Revival period huddled on the North flanks of Central Stara Planina.
  • Bansko is a pretty mountain town located at the foot of the Pirin Mountain at an altitude of 925 m. It is famous for its original and distinctive architecture, picturesque two-storey stone houses and flower gardens.
  • Etara is an impressive open-air ethnographic museum. It is located in the quarter of the city of Gabrovo bearing the same name, on the bank of the Sivek River, on the North flanks of Central Stara Planina. It occupies a total area of 60 decares.
  • Zheravna is also an architectural and ethnographic reserve with more than 150 houses, a candleworks, a small school, a nunnery, a church, taps,inns and shops preserved from the Revival period.
  • The town of Melnik is a museum and a historical town; it is the smallest town in Bulgaria.
  • Koprivshtitsa is unique with its nature, endowing with abundant vitality with its history preserved for centuries and its matchless cultural monuments. More than 380 architectural and historical monuments are preserved here, part of the Bulgarian cultural heritage.
  • Sozopol is the oldest town along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and one of the most popular Bulgarian resorts.